Welcome to CTG!

Welcome to CTG-PrintTEC GmbH
CTG PrintTEC develops, conceives and integrates digital printing systems for industrial use.
The combination of over 20 years of know-how in electrophotography, electrostatic coating and toner technology allows us to offer you the optimal conditions for innovative solutions.
The CTG PrintTEC digital printing systems set new standards in the durability of the printed image.
CTG DryDot® toners adhere extremely well to aluminium, steel, powder-coated surfaces, timber materials, glass, ceramics and porcelain. They are very resistant to abrasion and are as solvent resistant as possible.
The toners we use are solvent-free and there are no resulting VOC emissions.

CTG ceramic toners will win you over with their colour brilliance and strong colours.





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CTG-PrintTEC stands for development, production, selling and service of industrial digital printing systems and associated materials.
In this market segment we have a high level of experience and correspondingly in-depth knowledge of the market at our disposal.
The company founders and developer of CTG-PrintTEC boast a wealth of knowledge in digital printing and electrostatic coating – we understand the demands the industry makes on this technology. CTG-PrintTEC, with its in-depth knowledge within the field of industrial digital printing systems is proud of its high levels of customer satisfaction – our development team’s solutions for different applications satisfy our old and new customers time and again.


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CTG-PrintTEC GmbH services range from the modification of existing printing systems for special applications up to the new development of complete systems for fully automatic printing of special products.
Constantly on the lookout for improvements: perfecting good printing systems is a driving force in the way our company thinks and acts. The results are productive procedures and a high level of product quality.
Technical progress – we’re there.